Combine Curves - Script (Maya)

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Python script for Maya

How do I combine curves in Maya again? Every time I have to look it up. Why isn't there any one click solution?....Or is they?
One click and every curve you have ever seen in your life will be combined!

By running this script while having at least 2 nurbsCurves selected, Maya will combine them into one node, so that you do not have to deal with several curves and can easily create your own.

Easy to use and does not require any type of installation, just run the script. You can even drag and drop the script into Maya!

See example in the video above.

Tested in latest Maya version.

Please rate it after downloading.

If there are any problems or bugs, just email me.

Hope it helps! :)

  • You'll get Combine Curves Script and combined power!

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  • You'll get Combine Curves Script and combined power!
  • Size3.57 KB


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Combine Curves - Script (Maya)

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